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Hepatic coma occurs due to massive necrosis (necrosis) of liver cells. The decay products of the liver tissue enter the bloodstream, causing damage to the central nervous system and the extinction of all vital functions. Chronic hepatitis is dangerous because the lack of adequate treatment often leads to cirrhosis, and sometimes liver cancer.

To protect yourself from infection with hepatitis, you must follow simple rules. Do not use unboiled water, always wash fruits and vegetables, do not neglect the heat treatment of food. This can help prevent hepatitis A infection. In general, contact with other people's body fluids should be avoided. For protection against hepatitis B and C - primarily with blood. In microscopic quantities, blood can remain on razors, toothbrushes, nail scissors. Do not share these items with other people. You can not do piercings and tattoos with non-sterile devices. Precautions must be taken when having sex.

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The material was prepared on the basis of information from open sources. Diagnosis of viral hepatitis - what is the danger of omnicef pills. Viral hepatitis is primarily an inflammatory disease of the liver. The name comes from the original Greek name for the liver, hepar. This is one of the most important organs of the body, performing the function of purifying the blood. The gland is large in size (from 1.5 to 2 kg) and is capable of complete regeneration in the presence of 25% of the working volume.

Like any organ, the liver is susceptible to viruses that can cause inflammation (immune response). Especially dangerous is acute inflammation, which is viral hepatitis. Such inflammation is dangerous complications. For reference. WHO qualifies such inflammation as a very dangerous disease. Mortality from hepatitis is comparable to that from tuberculosis, malaria and HIV.

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Hepatitis is an inflammatory process that affects the hepatic stroma and parenchyma. By origin, hepatitis can be infectious and non-infectious, as well as specific and non-specific. Non-infectious types of non-specific hepatitis are most often reactive in nature and develop against the background of chronic pancreatitis, acute cholecystitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Specific non-infectious hepatitis, as a rule, is caused by the intake of cefdinir drugs (toxic-allergic or drug-induced hepatitis). Also, such hepatitis can be caused by chronic alcoholic liver damage.

According to the mechanisms of infection, there are forms of viral hepatitis (VH) with fecal-oral (types A and E) and VH with blood-contact (serum) (types B and C) pathogen transmission mechanisms.

Nonspecific types of infectious hepatitis can be a manifestation of other diseases, the causative agent of which has a tropism for liver tissues. Nonspecific infectious hepatitis can develop against the background of infectious mononucleosis, pseudotuberculosis, adenovirus infection. For reference. A separate group of liver pathologies of cefdinir pill nature includes specific types of viral hepatitis caused by deoxyribonuclein-containing and ribonuclein-containing viruses and manifested by infiltrative-degenerative lesions of the liver tissues. Viral hepatitis - etiology.

At the moment, there are ten specific viruses that contribute to the development of hepatitis. Of these, the most significant and frequently encountered are viral hepatitis B, A, E and C. According to the duration of the infectious process, viral hepatitis is divided into acute and chronic. 

The causative agents of omnicef hepatitis A (HAV) belong to the genus of hepatoviruses from the family of picornaviruses.The causative agents of acute hepatitis A (HAV) belong to the genus of hepatoviruses from the family of picornaviruses.

compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, thermal processing of products, quality control of drinking water, the use of specific immunoglobulin prophylaxis in endemic areas, etc.

For reference. Most often, the disease occurs in anicteric forms. In most patients, the disease begins with fever, the development of dyspeptic disorders and darkening of the urine. The duration of the period of jaundice can be from three days to a month.

In rare cases, fulminant necrosis of the liver may develop. The disease is most severe inpregnant women in the 3rd trimester.

Acute HBV is a viral infection with blood-contact, sexual and vertical routes of infection. the cyclical course of the infectious and inflammatory process, the development of parenchymal hepatitis, the development of icteric syndrome and, in some cases, the chronicity of inflammatory processes in the liver. The source of the HBV virus is patients with active forms of the disease.

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